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BeiJing Planetarium

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On December 26, 2001, the Beijing Planetarium expansion project was officially started, with a construction area of over 20,000 square meters, 
On December 26, 2001,
the Beijing Planetarium expansion project was officially started,
with a construction area of over 20,000 square meters,
nearly 10 times the size of the original planetarium.
On December 12, 2004,
the new Beijing Planetarium (B Hall),
which invested more than RMB 300 million and was completed in nearly three years,
was opened to the public.
On January 20, 2006,
the second phase of the exhibition of Hall B of the Beijing Planetarium was reopened to the public after it was closed.
The total exhibition area is about 2,000 square meters.
It is distributed on the first and second floors of Hall B.
There are more than 10 exhibition areas including large planets,
small celestial bodies and astronomical observations.
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